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Basic values

Basic values

Basic values


Value system at Collini

Collini’s value system is based on five cornerstones: people, partnership, products, society, owners. Our values provide the orientation framework for our daily activities. These form the foundation we use in assessing strategic decisions.



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The diversity of our people is the key to our success.

People – Employees & Leadership

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United success in the global market.

Partnership – Customers & Development

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Innovations arise from passion and not from satisfaction.

Products – Functions, Quality & Innovation

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Our responsibilities extend far beyond the factory gates.

Society – Environment, Education & Culture

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Maintaining values, creating value.

Owners – Continuity & Responsibility

»Our values represent an important, positive success factor for the Collini Group.«

Carina Sandra Kainz
Carina Sandra Kainz
Sales Manager
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Basic values in detail

  • Relationships between Collini employees are characterised by mutual appreciation. Collini is proud of its employees.
  • Our employees impress with their professional qualifications. Lifelong learning supports the professional career.
  • Collini stands for self-confident employees, men and women alike. Equality in the workplace, career path and access to responsibility is a matter of course for us.
  • A balance between family and work is a prerequisite for long-term employee development.
  • Our employees represent a variety of personalities and cultures. Tolerance and appreciation of different opinions are indispensable prerequisites for success.
  • Our employees feel that the values embodied by the company involve them as well.
  • To us, diversity means using all the creative and productive potential in the company to come up with solutions for complex problems.
  • Protecting people and nature in the company is the prerequisite for motivated and committed collaboration.
  • Every employee bears responsibility for the corporate group through his or her behaviour; supervisors serve as role models in this respect.
  • Customers are partners. Together we learn to position ourselves in the market with the best products.
  • Long-term relationships result in shared success.
  • We are open to new developments and innovations in our relationships with our customers. We get involved with our customers and we are interested in their potential.
  • Exchange of experiences and productive curiosity make us innovative and stronger.
  • Together with our customers, we seek the most promising strategies for improving products and their competitive position.
  • Collini is an international company with local roots. We create bridges and relationships in a global market. Mutual respect is the foundation of our growth.
  • The Collini brand represents a seal of approval for our customers in the market.
  • Our products create value for our customers and their partners. Collaborating with us creates sustainability and competitive advantages.
  • Collini produces strong positions in a variety of markets – we are always looking for opportunities to improve existing ones and to make new functions possible.
  • Collini surfaces give customers a head start in terms of quality and function. Together with our customers, we seek the best solutions for functionality, durability and the most economical use of resources.
  • Collini provides more than just services – we offer a sustainable partnership on the way to creation of new products and markets.
  • Our customers’ competitive advantage is our own competitive advantage.
  • Collini relies on positive interactions between company and society.
  • Our aspiration is to create benefits for society, which creates a productive environment for our own development.
  • Environmentally conscious thinking and acting, and spare use of resources actively contribute to the creation of value.
  • Active environmental protection is an important growth opportunity for the company.
  • Social commitment to education, art and culture creates open spaces in which something new, unexpected and ground-breaking can emerge. In other words, the opportunities that we, as an innovative company, can sustain over the long term.
  • Collini is an independent family-owned company.
  • A sound basis and sustainable development ensure a continuous increase in the value of the Group.
  • A reasonable dividend is a matter of course, and investments in the healthy development of the Group are the goal of entrepreneurial activity.


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