Collini is the leading group of companies in surface coating of metals and plastics in Europe.

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Consumer goods

Consumer goods



Consumer goods

Consumer goods are everyday goods – every one of us comes in contact with them on a daily basis. Accordingly, refined surfaces can be found in numerous consumer goods from Collini.

Surfaces for individual requirements

Collini surfaces can be found in all areas of life. Examples of coatings we provide for our industrial partners include components for mobile phones, handles for razors in wet applications and technical equipment surfaces. Collini ensures the functional properties over the entire service life of products. We help save resources and increase the value of the end product.

Collini’s high degree of flexibility and professional competence, as well as Collini’s high-quality coatings, with on-time delivery, are the basis of the success of our international customers.

The requirements of the market are at the centre of our efforts in the continuous development and optimisation of our processes and products. We develop surfaces based on the individual requirements of our market partners.




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