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Copper plating

Copper plating

Copper plating



Copper plating

Galvanised copper coating combines protection, functionality and aesthetics. Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and is often used as the first building block for many coating systems. In this role, copper provides adhesion and/or increases corrosion resistance, as well as thermal and electrical conductivity of the coating.

Whether as an intermediate or final layer, copper is primarily used in the electrical industry, medical technology, automotive manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.

Copper is also part of many alloys that are widely used for their properties, such as colour, corrosion resistance and processability. Examples of copper alloys are brass (copper with zinc), bronze (copper with tin) and nickel silver (copper with zinc and nickel).

Copper plating


Advantages at a glance


Technical data

Processeselectrolytic or electric power-free deposition
Coating colourlight red
Base materialSteel, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, die-cast zinc, stainless steel
Corrosion protectionDepends on layer system
Hardness80 – 250 HV
Temperature resistanceup to 900 °C
System technologyRack, drum
ConformityRoHS, REACH, 2000/53/EC (End of life vehicle)
ExecutionMatt to high gloss
From our R&DOptalloy®
Protective propertiesBasis for corrosion protection systems
Functional propertiesConductive, solderable, ductile, adherent, sinterable, good shrinkage properties
Decorative propertiesSemi-glossy to high gloss, in humid air under the atmosphere, a patina forms on the copper
Special propertiesEMW shielding, diffusion barrier, also suitable as bottom or intermediate layer for various coating systems - e.g. in zinc die casting


Typical components & applications

Typical components
Shaver handles, decorative furniture and household items, plug housing units, surface-mounted housing units, vehicle parts, machine parts, furniture fittings, window and door fittings, fastening components
Industrial applications

Consumer goods, electrical and industrial engineering, furniture industry, vehicle manufacturing, mechanical engineering, mining, oil and gas industry

Collini copper surfaces

Collini processes copper in a variety of processes: electrolytically deposited copper up to the highest degree of purity, as well as electricity-free copper coating for the refinement of plastic components. Depending on the process, a semi-gloss to a high-gloss look can be created.







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