The products of today and tomorrow need smart surfaces.

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Automotive industry

Automotive industry



Automotive industry

The automotive industry is facing a major transformation process. Rapid technological developments, innovative materials, disruptive business models, environmentally friendly solutions and many other challenges are changing the industry. Understanding market needs and developing the necessary coating systems is one of Collini’s core competencies. Our focus on innovation forms the basis for long-term strategic partnerships with our automotive customers.

Technological advantage

The complexity of the requirements, from lightweight construction through electrification to autonomous driving, is increasing. As a “surface company”, Collini covers a wide range of automotive applications with its functional layers: from the engine compartment through the power train and chassis to exhaust treatment.

A central focus in addition to traditional corrosion protection is tribology. Our specially developed alloys and coating systems result in high wear resistance, reduced friction and extended service life, Properties such as adhesiveness, wettability, etc., complement the multifunctionality of Collini coatings.

From development to mass production

The challenging environment of the automotive industry places high demands on project management. By pooling our expertise, we can handle the entire project management from a single source, starting with the development of the desired coating properties through to mass production.

Our management system has a clear strategic goal of ensuring consistently high quality, process reliability and legal compliance in accordance with IATF 16949. For process and quality monitoring, we use state-of-the-art measurement and analysis technology.

We are motivated to generate advantages for our customers with a technological advantage. We think and act in ppm, continuously improve our processes, challenge our suppliers to peak performance, drive development and innovation, and go beyond all expectations. We translate mass production into the most cost-efficient solutions and embed our services in the entire logistics chain. Last but not least, we put a strong focus on considering other materials and manufacturing processes to give our customers a competitive advantage.





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