It is the surface that gives the base material its final functional and optical properties.

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Tribology Tribology





Surface prevents wear.

Collini intensively deals with tribology: in other words, how friction and wear can be reduced or the lubrication between structural components can be improved. Because these factors are directly affected by the choice of the material, the surface coating and the surface topography.

Tribology contributes significantly to sustainability

Specially developed alloys and coating systems – Collini surfaces – reduce for example the energy input through the reduction in friction, increase the service life of bearing materials, plug contacts or improve the service performance of sliding contacts. Thereby the respective structural component can be manufactured from inexpensive basic materials. Then its required functionality – lower friction resistance or wear – is created with the coating system. By reducing friction and wear, energy and raw material resources are preserved and the service-life of products is increased. This is how Tribology contributes significantly to sustainability.

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