The products of today and tomorrow need smart surfaces.

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Surface creates.

Collini surface technology makes it possible to create products in such a way that they appeal to the varying aesthetic requirements and wishes of consumers.

Design is more than the form and functionality of an object.

In many cases, it is the aesthetics that adds to the value. The look, colour or structure of identical materials can be changed through different surfaces.

  • Powder coatings with its almost infinite possibilities in terms of colouring, degrees of glossiness and structures give products their true character. It is irrelevant whether it concerns machine cladding, vehicle components or architectural design elements.
  • High quality metal surfaces can be created with electroplating, the properties of which distinguish it clearly from that of the base material. Hence, products are refined and the required effects in finish and structure of the respective product
    are created. 
  • Hot-dip galvanised structural components with its crystalsilver surfaces are, besides the corrosion protection, often specifically included as design elements.


Collini Chemisch Nickel
Collini Chrom
Collini Eloxal
Collini Feuerverzinkung
Collini Pulverbeschichtung
Collini Zink Nickel
Collini KTL (kathodische Tauchlackierung)
Collini Vernickeln
Collini Vernickeln