It is the surface that gives the base material its final functional and optical properties.

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Machine & plant construction

Machine & plant construction



Machine, plant and vehicle construction

The machine, plant and vehicle construction industry involves the production of machines, production plants and vehicles for a wide variety of applications in heavy traffic and in agriculture. Collini’s customer portfolio in this area is broad. 

Long service life despite stress

Collini supports machine, plant and vehicle manufacturing, mainly with hot-dip galvanised surfaces.
Plant construction is an important industry for hot-dip galvanising. There is a wide variety in terms of areas of application, which range from mechanical engineering and plant construction to cable way construction. All exposed components receive perfect all-round protection with hot-dip galvanising, even in hard-to-reach places, as well as long-term protection without maintenance for many decades.

The vehicle manufacturing and agricultural sectors offer their customers designs, equipment, machinery and vehicles for tough conditions. Dirt, deposits, stone chips, snow, rain, de-icing salts and animal excrement place high demands on corrosion protection in everyday life. It must be resistant, durable, abrasion resistant and offer the best cost-performance ratio. Hot-dip galvanised steel has proven to be excellent for use in these areas.




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