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Fittings industry

Close collaboration with the fittings industry has traditionally been a high priority at Collini. We act as a professional partner and offer customised surface solutions for all types of fittings, especially for furniture, windows and doors.

Used worldwide

We support our customers with surface solutions. Collini-coated fittings are used worldwide. The most varied environmental conditions place the highest demands on corrosion protection. In addition, tribological solutions are important to our customers for improving the sliding properties of fasteners and pull-outs.

Aesthetics and design

Our coatings enable the design of products that meet various aesthetic requirements and desires. In the furniture sector in particular, the focus is on aesthetics – the design of the entire piece of furniture is complemented and completed with fittings that match well.

Long service life despite stress

In addition to mechanical, electrical and optical improvements, Collini coatings add another crucial dimension. They extend the service life of components. Corrosion protection through innovative surface technology helps to save resources and increases the value of the end product. In the development of product ideas, we consistently focus on our customers’ needs. Decades of experience in the fittings business support our expertise. We also rely on a close network of research institutions and universities.




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